Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Closing a Chapter, Opening a New One

I will hit a big milestone this week which is that I will no longer be a twenty something anymore.  When I created this blog it never dawned on me that naming my blog for a decade in my life meant it would retired once that decade ended.  It is both with joy and a little sadness I close out this blog.  

I loved being a twenty something and cherish all the memories but already I'm starting to realize that my thirties will have a lot of wonderful and exciting things as well.  Plus I feel so much more confident in who I am and what I want in life.  I also have a much clearer picture of the types of friendships and relationships that add joy and value to my life.  Accordingly I'm less scared to let the other less healthy relationships fade in the background.  Sometimes you get people for a season in your life and sometimes you get to keep them forever and there is nothing wrong with either.

For anyone who has enjoyed reading along I started a new blog for the next phase.  Little did I know that over the course of one week I'd enter my thirties, we'd sell our first house, buy a new house, and start our life out in the burbs.  My new blog will be the same as this one in a lot of ways.  An informal way for me to capture my thoughts, milestones in our lives, and be a creative outlet for me.  Here is the new URL if you want to continue to follow along:

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